bourne shell command variation, one of the UNIX shell variants.
CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing)
method of IP addressing that allows to flexibly manage IP address space without using a rigid framework of class address.
compression method in which duplicated data is removed from the DSS.
DC (datacenter)
area for hosting company servers; ensures uninterrupted, fast and efficient processing of large amounts of data.
DSS (data storage system)
software and hardware solution for storing and accessing data (it can be a part or a basis of DC).
independent hypervisor that performs physical software emulation.
customer system restored to a backup component of computer system or network, in case of failure or malfunction.
server virtualization technology, which allows to run multiple virtual OS on a single physical server.
subsystem of Microsoft Windows that provides installation of programs.
software for creating cloud services and storage.
synchronization of contents of multiple copies of a device.
virtual central processing unit.
virtualization software that allows user to install one or more virtual machines on a single physical computer and run these machines in parallel with it.
VMware Tools
set of utilities that improves interaction of virtual machine and cloud platform, increases performance of an operating system in virtual machine and also improves management functions of virtual machine.
VMware quiesce
“freeze” mechanism used to create a backup to ensure integrity of virtual machine (pausing processes inside virtual machine to flush data stored in cache or in RAM, which allows to create a disk with an entire filesystem).
set of VMware products designed for DC virtualization.